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Hi Codeforces !

In this blog I will discuss about some important algorithms, practice strategy and some tips for newcomers....

Important algorithms and Topics
Here I will mention some important algorithms and some important topics.

• Sorting
• Binary Search
• Time Complexity
• Prefix Sum
• String
• Basic Number Theory
• Basic Bit Manipulation

Practice Strategy
Most of newcoms try just easy problem for practicing. All newcomers should try hard problems but not so hard. Like if your current rating is 1000-1199 then you should try at least 1300-1400 rated problems . So, try those problems which will take at least 1 hour or higher to solve.

First of all you have to enjoy competitive programming. When you solve a problem try to prove that solution which is very very important even I think it is one of the most important tips.. If you can't prove try to understand the editorial. Never cram solution always try to understand.

You can watch a video of galen_colin. From Here

I hope you will forgive me for my mistakes.. I am apologize for my bad English ;( .

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