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By arash., 6 months ago, In English

Before downvoting this blog hear me out.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day, I was happily participating in Educational codeforces round 154 and I was booming! I did a pretty good job with performance +2000 and delete +102 by the end of the contest I was pretty happy :)

Today I was looking at the standing and I saw a pretty horrible thing : I got TL in system testing on problem C.

Most of the times, system testing fails are mostly the problem of the participant. But do you want to know the reason i was Time Limited??

Well my maxN = 1e5. Classic bug, and It's totally my fault that this happened. The problem is, WHY JUST WHY there should not be a pretest that has n = 2e5. Isn't this the most obvious thing ever? This bug IS my fault but i blame the authors, for not making a really simple test case. This could have been just a time limit on a problem and 15 minutes of more penalty.

Plus every single time i participated in a Educational round I've always seen a shitty problem. I have never seen a quality problem in a Educational codeforces round.

Do you agree with me that Educational codeforces rounds are shit and need to be fixed? If not can you please give me your reasoning at the comment section?


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