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Hi CF community, It's been a very exciting journey with you all via CPDojo platform. The website has regular visitors and over 1M requests served and 20k unique users.

Unfortunately, carrying on this website alongside work is taking a toll on me as maintaining the website, adding new features and engineering them is far more difficult for a single person to handle.

Also, it has costs for running VMs and other services.

Due to all these reasons, I am about to shutdown this website :)

Also, I would like to sincerely thank each one of the users and CPers who have advised me regarding features to be implemented in the website.

Thank you !!

NOTE: Most of the functionalities will stop working from today... however, user details page will continue to function as it does not depend on CPDojo APIs. Pages that depend on CF APIs will be functional.

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Hi CF community, Today I thought of sharing one of key components which is used by CPDojo recommender and CPDojo ladders. Ofcourse this is not the only ingredient used but this one plays an important key factor and may help other CPers to see and understand interesting patterns across problem ratings and rating groups.

As seen in the above image this shows how well participants in a specific ratingGroup benefits while solving a problem of particular rating. The higher the better. Maybe this gives you some insights and helps you in your practice !!

------------------------ UI / UX updates to CPDojo -----------------------------

  1. Added functionality to mark solved problems in both Ladders and Recommender.
  2. Also added progress bars to indicate your progress and how much percentage of the entire set you have completed. ( Maybe this provides you with some motivation to fully complete it :P )

  1. Provided with stats graph to view what kind of problem is recommended to you based on rating. It basically provides a summary of recommended problem set.

In case you are wondering where can you find the recommender and ladders they can be found here: Recommender Ladders

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By cpdojo, history, 5 months ago, In English

Hi all, since the other blog which I've been using for updating CPDojo updates has gotten so long, I've created this new blog.

New Updates to CPDojo (30th Sept):   Added Graph viewer so that we can visualize the graph provided in test-cases or creating your own graph for testing purposes.

For un-weighted graph the format should be: n m u1 v1 u2 v2 . . . um vm Where n is number of nodes and m is number of edges

For weighted graph the format should be: n m u1 v1 w1 u2 v2 w2 . . . um vm wm Where n is number of nodes and m is number of edges

You can view it here

New updates to CPDojo (27th Sept): Added CPDojo ladders

This ladder is created based on data of 40k+ users and is entirely powered by ML.

You can use CPDojo ladders here

New updates to CPDojo (24th Sept):

  1. You can now see the problem statement directly by clicking on view button on the problems table.

  2. Added feature to sort column based on date in Problem Filter page.

Link to CPDojo: Here

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By cpdojo, history, 5 months ago, In English

Hi CF community,

Recently I launched CPDojo problem recommendation system which recommends problems for a user so that they can reach their desired rating-group (next rating-group).

I just wanted to ask... did someone face issues where you clicked on 'Generate' button and you didn't get recommendations ?

Or any other issues / defects you found ? or want to give some different feedback regarding the recommended problems ?

Pls do let me know. Thank you !

Note: I'll use this blog to look into defects related to recommendation system.

Recommender can be found here : here

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By cpdojo, history, 15 months ago, In English

Hi Codeforces community, I have created a tool for helping out CF community — CPDojo.

This tool can be used for monitoring ourselves and also to filter problems.

Some of the features added as of now are:

  1. Problems filtering based on number of solves, problems tags and ratings. Like if you need problems which are solved by atleast X people and utmost Y people, then you can filter problems that way.

  2. You can also view how much problems you have solved between 2 time periods based on the problem ratings. This will help us to track exactly how many problems we solved during past 3 months and then we can make decisions based on that analytics.

  3. You can also view how many problems of particular type you have solved, which will eventually contribute to your progress tracking.

Sample screenshot:

I am planning to add additional functionalities too in future... If you have some interesting suggestions please do let me know :). Also let me know if you have any improvements that can add more value to the tool. Thank you !

Note : I am working on mobile UI currently. It is under development, so it is not recommended to view it in mobile. Thank you for your patience.

--------------------------------- New minor updates -------------------------------------------

Added Direction texts to show some functionalities on the platform

------------------------------------------------- New update -----------------------------------------------------------------

-- Added provision to exclude problem types (get all problems having type as graph but it should not contain tree problems).

-- Added a table to see all attempted problems which are not solved.

-- At the chart displaying number of problems solved in time range (based on ratings), at it's legend user will be able to see the total number of problems solved within a given time range.

------------------------------------------------- New update -----------------------------------------------------------------

-- Added Problem Recommendation system. This allows a user to particularly train for reaching their next rating group milestone. (i.e from Specialist to Expert)

-- Added complete change in CPDojo UI.

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