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I have seen many blogs about this, but I can't decide on what practice method is best. Could somebody give a good practice method?

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You can follow the C2Ladder. C2Ladder is the best ladder currently.

Here Codeforces problems are separated by ratting. and these problems are very interesting and set sequentially.

At first, you solve all 800 rated problems then go to the 900 rating problem then the 1000 rating, and keep going. Here every section has 100 problems by his rating.

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What do you want to practice?

If you want to practice solving problems (or solving fast), use a ladder like C2Ladder, or just use the problemset directly.

But personally I suggest you practice in a specific topic. You need a guide that contains both tutorials and problems you need to solve in order to master that topic. I use OI Wiki, although it's only available in Chinese.