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Worldwide onsite finals became rare these days, but one of them, which is Yandex Cup 2023 Algorithm, will happen this weekend in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I've collected some statistics about finalists at the Competitive Programming Hall of Fame website: link

Also providing the list of participants that advanced to the final round here:

Yandex Handle CF Handle CF Rating Country Comment
ecnerwala ecnerwala 3505 United States
hos.lyric hos.lyric 3119 Japan
maroon_kuri maroonrk 3454 Japan
BatrrS 998kover 2729 Kazakhstan
yahordubovik 244mhq 3105 Belarus
Heltion2023 Sugar_fan 3019 China
Всеволод Нагибин Pechalka 2503 Russia
Иван Сафонов isaf27 3160 Russia Doesn't attend
yosupot yosupo 3026 Japan
ainta1 ainta 2946 South Korea
turevski2010 turmax 3007 Russia
errorgorn errorgorn 2865 Singapore
mustafin.dn@phystech.edu Kapt 2747 Russia
Scott Wu scott_wu 3297 United States Doesn't attend
ksun48 ksun48 3206 Canada
상수 박 molamola. 3082 South Korea
Egor Kulikov Egor 2901 Germany Doesn't attend
potato167 potato167 2867 Japan
takaryou1019@gmail.com kotatsugame 2953 Japan
KAN KAN 3014 Russia
imbard7@gmail.com Vercingetorix 2904 Russia
Jeroen Op de Beek jeroenodb 2759 Netherlands

Good luck to the finalists!

P.S. If you have any information about mysterious takaryou1019, or about some changes in the finalists list, please let me know.

UPD There should be live stream of the final round at the official website.

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I think takaryou1019 might be kotatsugame Also iirc isaf27 isn't going since he is "affiliated with yandex"

Edit: unless jeroenodb advanced on some other track, they're going instead

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Where is tourist?

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    Forgot to participate, perhaps.

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