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Many of us are worried about AIs becoming smarter than humans at algorithmic tasks and ending online sport programming as we know it, very few of us however consider an equally devastating threat that already exists, but hasn't affected anyone yet (until today, sorry div3 paralympians) — The Rogue Nutella.

Think of the following scenario- A random nutella wakes up one day and decides that online sport programming must end. His motivations for this? Irrelevant (most probably a painful breakup with his 2d anime waifu, or annoyance at seeing the 1e9'th (aa + bb)(a + b) problem on a competitive programming website). So, he thinks for not very long and comes up with a brilliant idea which would trivialise all contests- He creates an anonymous youtube channel and decides to livestream himself solving codeforces rounds (whilst maintaining anonymity of course).

What happens next? Armageddon.

Immediately, all rounds become speedforces for people to copy code from his stream and modify it before submitting. Greys start competing with greens for the quickest solve on div(1 + 2) Gs, everyone's rating begins to converge to 1400, people start making tutorials on how to copy code using OCR and modify it using LLMs. People quit online competitive programming in the tens of thousands, as everyone realises that they care a lot more about that seemingly meaningless number called rating next to their handle than they would like to admit. Admins make some weak attempts to combat Mr Nutella's streams like making plag-checks stricter, and increasing time penalties, but none of them are effective. Finally, everyone gives up and begs Mr Nutella (including an irl event where several thousand people meet and orz a statue of Mr Nutella) to forgive them for whatever trangressions they may have made against humanity. Mr Nutella, now addicted to his power over the lives of thousands of people laughs like an anime antagonist and continues his nefarious streams until all online cp rating systems become meaningless.

Now, back to reality. The question is, how can we prevent a rogue Nutella from destroying codeforces?

The answer obviously is- We must prevent Nutellas from accessing codeforces. I hope Mike will immediately begin to work on an Anti-Nutella intercontinental ballistic missile defense system which would defend codeforces from their abilities.


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In the end codeforces is a website dedicated to learn how to solve problems, so practically you don't lose a thing , the problems are still here , quality is the same , you are still better than those who cheat.It's cool to have a big rating , but if you get it fair , and I think it's not the rating that matters the most , it's the things you learn.

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It would be same like how I went rogue and started The Rumbling, only to be stopped by Mikasa or MikeMirzayanov in this case.

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Eat that Nutella!!!

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what does (aa+bb)(a+b) mean? is that like (a^2 + b^2)(a+b) i sinecerely apologize for not being a life long codeforces troll like wepaonized neuro divergent

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It's time for nutellas to realize that they are no longer the kings of this world. Let the revolution begin!

Newbies! It's your time to become a part of history, so don't let yourself be scared at this time! Act!

Nutellas that have fallen: