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I started Programming since past 2-3 months. I use C language

I learnt the Basics of C in a few days from a book (if-else, loops, arrays) and I directly jumped to I watched Errichto's Youtube video, where he told about codeforces and strategy for beginners. Then I started solving the 800 Rated problems. But my coding skills were so bad that I took 2 to 3 hours just for a problem.

  • Thinking about logic ~ 30 min to 1 hour.
  • Coding the logic ~ 1.5 to 2 hours.

Also I am not able to solve the problems efficiently. I used brute force in each of the problem (These are some of the problems which I solved — 1 2. I have solved around ~50 problems including my other account.

I have given some contests from my other CF account, BUT I am able to solve only the Div2A 70-80% of the time. Otherwise I have to sit for the whole contest thinking about the problem. I have started feeling that I am not intelligent enough.

But Now my time has decreased from 2 hours to 40-50 min for Div2A, But still it is a huge amount of time for 800-1000 rated problem.

I needed some guidance regarding this issue. If someone experienced helped me, it will be very helpful.

Some of my questions-

  • What should I do now? Should I use some other coding platform before coming to codeforces?
  • How do I make my coding skills better and efficient? I think in the most hardest way possible. i.e. Brute Force.
  • What should my approach towards programming? To overcome this issue and become a better programmer.

Thank you for understanding my issue.

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