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sam571128's blog

By sam571128, history, 2 years ago, In English

Just a few hours ago, I received a email that shocked me which says that I violate the rule about my solutions last round

It says my code is similar with scott_wu??? And another guy called EndRay???

I’m glad to see that codeforces had a good plagiarism detector now

But how would I copy or use the same code with those people?

Just check out 1523B, almost everyone uses the same solution!

Also the submissions are totally different in problem 1523C

Why does it think the code are same and break the rule?

Here the submissions for problem B: 117913590 117878349 117885334

And here the submission for problem C: 117906899 117877404 117878691

I understand the plagiarism detector is created to catch the cheaters that are getting more and more these days

However, it is a big problem for the plagiarism detector to punish innocent people!

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