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Hello, Codeforces!

I and 0x4F5F6F have curated an ICPC-Styled Team Contest in the gym, [contest:104955]. The level of questions is medium. This is for anyone who loves giving contests and solving problems. The contest will be of most interest to CMs and below. For anyone who wants to practice or just wants to go through the problems can register for our contest here. Hope you will enjoy solving the problems!

I would like to thank:

Contest Details:

  • Date/Time: [contest_time:104955]
  • Problems: 9 -10
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Contest Invite: Invitation Link

Note: You can also register for the contest while it is going on. You may want to check out our group for past contests.

Good Luck! We recommend you to read all the problems!


UPD: The registration has started!

UPD2: Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. 你是那么大的猪: Tobo
  2. SegmentRizz: JainWinn, ShashankGaur03, tenzen
  3. Akela_insaan: Synaptic_Savant
  4. Stack: nishant_1101, YatinUtreja, chiragrana03
  5. Pretests Passed: rajipthakur01, _tekina_, nufail.vhora

Congratulations to first solves as well!

Also: The gym contest has been made private in order to view failed testcases and submissions to everyone. Please use the contest invite to access it. You can also join our codeforces group by this link to view our other contests.

UPD3: The editorial is now available here.

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