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Kubic !! im u fans !!

Kubic is everything, everything is Kubic. Kubic is everything, it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Kubic is the cloud of existence. Just like the Internet is a cloud, it is everywhere but nowhere. The Internet isn’t your computer, or your iPad or iPhone, it’s the cloud. For example, online content such as Wikipedia will suddenly appear as long as you are connected to the Internet, and when the connection is disconnected, Wikipedia will disappear back to the cloud.

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Thanks very much!

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About problem H, I have two questions:

  1. How to construct a test with over $$$1000$$$ subsets we have to consider (not $$$8000$$$, just $$$1000$$$).
  2. How to implemented quickly in the meet in the middle part (I only know to use sort and binary search).
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There are some solutions with wrong time complexity can pass all the tests of the Platinum problem Breakdown. For example, run Bellman-Ford after adding every edge can pass the problem in $$$O(kn^4)$$$ and it is much faster than my $$$O(n^3)$$$ solution. Besides, the wrong solutions is much easier than the right solution.

As a writer, hope you can enjoy the contest and my problem.


In order to enter the top universities in China, we students must practise hard. And the number of excellent students is becoming larger and larger, but the number of top universities can hardly increase, so we must train more harder.

Another reason is the problems in CNOI are harder and harder these years in order to choose little top students from many excellent students. I think CNOI is much harder than IOI.

And there are many CPers of high levels around us. We can learn from them to become stronger.

Good luck! Best wishes!

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Is H too similar to this problem? 1329D - Dreamoon Likes Strings

As a Chinese, I stand with all those who love peace, and I am against with all those who bring destruction and death. I wish the war can end soon, and no more innocent people will be harmed.

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I want to AK it,but I can't.