As a Chinese, I send my best wish to Ukrainian

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I know it is not very appropriate to discuss politics in this CP platform. But this war is too big, and has already influenced this platform. The go study round has already been postponed because of this.

In many social media platforms, there are many jokes about the war, like taking Ukraine women home .... I cannot be more disgusted seeing these comments. War is war, no matter what excuse, it will hurt people badly. It's not game, it's real. I stand against every joke about this war, and hope the war end as soon as possible.

I post this because many people in Ukraine start hating Chinese after seeing these jokes, and ministry of foreign affair suggests Chinese in Ukraine to not expose their nationality in pubic to protect themselves. I would like to say this cannot represent all Chinese. If you see a Chinese on the street, don't assume they support Putin. China already had so many wars and has been invaded by so many countries, Japan, US... we love peace. I stand against every war.

Finally, I send my best wish to Ukrainian, please be safe, and may the war end quickly and back to normal as soon as possible. I also send my best wish to Russians. Standing with Ukrainians does not mean standing against Russians, they are both victims of war.


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