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Sharing my Happiness :)

Revision en3, by cschill, 2022-03-11 23:12:31

I am very very happy today. After 92 days of consistent grind, I became an expert. I wanted to share my analogy of code forces with Cricket which is my fav sport ( and whole India's fav as well )

Take Contests as balls. Something you will get Yorkers and sometimes you will get bouncers. Just try not to get out, take singles and doubles {Try to maintain your rating} And the day you get the full toss, mark it as your day and blast a six.

Exactly that happened to me, I am good at certain topics and I am average ( for my rating ) in others

I have previously solved a lot of 1800's binary search questions.

Last Div. 3 I managed to solve the E problem since it was of Binary search. This Div2. contest I solved the D problem since it was number-theory based. Again a topic I am confident in.

The key takeaway, no matter how much you suck right now, doesn't stop giving contests. Your rating will go down, no problem. All you need is 2 contests in your domain. Just wait for them and don't stop the grind.

I pray that all of you also get to feel the same happiness as I am feeling.

Thank You for reading



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