Bug in difficulty rating of an old problem

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This problem https://mirror.codeforces.com/problemset/problem/20/A is a very very simple string processing problem.
All you have to do is to convert contiguous groups of '////' to one '/' and take care of one edge case when there is a '/' in the end of string.

This problem is supposed to have difficulty rating of 800-900. At most 1000, No way that this problem could be called a 1700 difficulty rating problem.

Here is the statement

The new operating system BerOS has a nice feature. It is possible to use any number of characters '/' as a delimiter in path instead of one traditional '/'. For example, strings //usr///local//nginx/sbin// and /usr/local/nginx///sbin are equivalent. The character '/' (or some sequence of such characters) at the end of the path is required only in case of the path to the root directory, which can be represented as single character '/'.

A path called normalized if it contains the smallest possible number of characters '/'.

Your task is to transform a given path to the normalized form.


The first line of the input contains only lowercase Latin letters and character '/' — the path to some directory. All paths start with at least one character '/'. The length of the given line is no more than 100 characters, it is not empty.


The path in normalized form.

Examples :


I understand that the old contest has a lesser number of participants and hence, the count of people who solved the problem is less. But why isn't this normalized accordingly?

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