Italian Olympiad in Informatics (OII) 2022 — Online Contest

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For the seventh time, the Italian national contest (valid for the selection of the Italian IOI team) will be mirrored into an online contest. The contest is primarily intended for high school contestants, but everyone is welcome to participate! There are both easy subtasks (div2A) and very hard ones (div1D+), so it can be enjoyable both for newcomers and for very high rated contestants.

  1. The problem statements will be available in both English and Italian.
  2. Tasks will be IOI-like (with graders and subtasks) and you will have 5 hours to solve them.
  3. The only language allowed is C++.
  4. The time window for the practice contest (featuring original problems) will start on 2022 September 13th, 00:01 CET and will end on 2022 September 17th, 23:59 CET.
  5. The time window for the main contest will start on 2022 September 23th, 10:00 CET and will end on 2022 September 24th, 15:00 CET.

The contests' timing will be USACO-like: you can decide when to start your 5-hours time window (after the login), but the contest will end at the given time regardless of your time window.

If you want to participate, you must:

  1. Visit the contest website:
  2. Click the link "register", fill out the form and then click on the register button and then "back to login"
  3. You can now log in with the same username and password you used to sign up
  4. If the login is successful you will be ready to participate, just wait for the contest to start! (And maybe save the page in your bookmarks, so that you can quickly get back to it when the contest begins)
  5. When the contest starts, you will see a red button. Click it when you want to start your 5 hour time window!
  6. Good luck and have fun!

Ranking: The ranking of the online contest will be available at when the contest starts.

Upsolving: After the end of the contest, tasks will be uploaded in the Italian training website (localised also in English), section "task & quiz archive", where they will be available for online evaluation (after registering to the website).

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