Regrets and outlooks

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Let's begin this story with what happened two days ago.

Well, this happened. Too bad. Maybe I'll just go back to life, I presumed. Until I noticed the line -

You should not publish comic content, especially if it is not interesting to a wide part of the audience, repeats the existing one, or has no connection with competitive programming.

And oh, that was the line I once did not know of. I thought some comedy was fine, still a big part of this community is made of comedy. And it wasn't. The thing is, while I sometimes feel like shitposting, I agree on that we need some part of the community which solely concentrates on learning, teaching, and experimenting. I considered problem solving a quite major part of my life, and for the very same reason I tend to use a lot of time on Codeforces. After all, my vision is to become an algorithm researcher, like people you all know, such as dijkstra, floyd, etc.

This was a lesson learned. and next time you see me in comments/blogs, you'll see me as trying to be as helpful as possible. I expect the next blog to be a continuation on the STL series (actually I've been working on it in a draft), and after that I will explain some useful things too. See you next time in another (helpful) comment/blog.


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