[Suggest] Reduce cheating

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Hello contestants and Mr. MikeMirzayanov, 👋

We all see that cheating is spreading so much in the contests, there are a lot of people complaining that they didn't cheat in the contest the solution of them are skipped due to the similarity between their solution and another solution, I think that happened because Div2, Div1, and Global the system is we get a pretest passed and can lock our problem and open our room and see other contestants solutions in the room, so the cheater can send the solutions to other people and the got skipped their solution without cheating.

I know that is the system of the site, I don't say that codeforces must change it, I try to pass this information on to Mr. MikeMirzayanov to help to find any solution to it.

I don't know why they use this type of checking, not like Div3, Div4, and EDU and making hacking phase 12 hours, so I will not ask for that because Mr. Mike surely has his reasons.

But let's give any suggest to try to reduce cheating in the contests here in the comment, I hope this blog to reaches you Mr. MikeMirzayanov, and found a solution for this problem.


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