[Off-topic] WPF Sudoku GP — Round 7

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Hello, Codeforces! We're glad to invite you to take part in WPF Sudoku GP7.

  • Authors: Giulia Franceschini, Stefano Forcolin, Valeria Losasso, Valerio Stancanelli (TheScrasse).
  • The time window is USACO-style: you can choose any time window of $$$90$$$ minutes from Jul 7th to Jul 10th.
  • The instruction booklet with the score distribution is available here.

Why should you join?

  • If you are good at competitive programming, expect to be good at sudoku.
  • There are $$$13$$$ grids of different difficulties: anyone can find something to solve.
  • You will compete against tourist!

We hope you'll like the round!

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