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Codeforces Round 887 (Div. 1) — Screencast & Editorial

Revision en2, by orz, 2023-07-24 11:04:06

Today I participated in Codeforces Round 887 (Div. 1). My experience was terrible (I wasn't able to solve 1852A - Ntarsis' Set during the contest, hope it tells you a lot), but it's still recorded, so hopefully it'll be useful for somebody. As usual, during the first half I participate while explaining aloud what and how I do, during the second part I explain more slowly the solutions of Div.1 problems A–D.

Note that the audio is quite high quality, and the high-quality video is coming in a couple of hours (Youtube is still processing it right now).

UPD: The video now is high-quality.


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