How to solve 1200-1300 level questions?

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Hello all,

I have been doing questions for a while now. I watched some youtube guy and he told to practice harder question instead of grinding simpler ones. I have been doing it but it's hard I give 45 minutes to 1200 -1300 level questions but couldn't come up with solutions. Even I code some solution i get wrong answer on some 97th or some test case i couldn't see. I can use stress testing but writing brute force solution every third question is pointless. I am using cfTracker as well currently i'm solved 73 question from (1200-1300) range out of those 38 is in again do tracker (couldn't come up with solution, made reading error, etc).

I am 26 years old and sometimes i think it would be better if i started earlier. I generally look at other people code who coded it during contest to see how i could have approached the solution but these guys are master or expert. Sometimes i have no clue what they are trying to do. I can see the code but couldn't understand why they used something or how something will be used later if i declare some variable. Since <1400 level question are generally involve some observation or constructive algorithms and i am struggling to solve even those, I get discouraged.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I will keep to trying even it is tough for now.

If you have any points on anything much appreciated especially for this one (i get wrong answer on some 97th or some test case).


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