Online mirror of The 2023 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest

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Hello Codeforces!

We are going to hold The 2023 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest.

We invite you to join the online mirror contest 2023-2024 ICPC, Asia Jakarta Regional Contest (Online Mirror, Unrated, ICPC Rules, Teams Preferred) on Codeforces. It will be held on 03.12.2023 07:35 (Московское время) and will last for 5 hours.

The mirror will be held using ICPC-style scoring with 10 to 13 problems. The problem statements will only be available in English. We encourage participating as a team using only one computer for coding (as in ICPC contests). The mirror will be unrated.

Some useful links:

We hope that you will enjoy the contest. Good luck and have fun!

UPD. The mirror has started! You can also see the public scoreboard of the onsite contest (started 90 minutes earlier) from the provided link.

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