I, finally, achieved something in CP

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For the last two days, I have been going to FAST, National Institute of computing and emerging sciences, Karachi for Procom '24 which had several competitions, including competitive programming. It was ICPC format and teams were allowed but I went solo as I didn't have any homie. I finished 1st in non-university participants.

As a letter of gratitude, I would really like to thank everyone who helped me by any means during my journey. Namely, h_squared, my great mentor and teacher, ttmasoi, another of great teachers. Moreover, I would also like to thank the following people for being with me and supporting me and motivating me,

  1. smil3x_r3turns
  2. ahmadexe

Another great mention is of blaze who gave me advice on my blog of disappointment. Thank you so much sir.

Another person I should not forget is M.UmairAhmadMirza. If he wouldn't be there, I would've never known about PROCOM '24.

Thank you so much my friends and teachers.

Again, I would really like to thank all of above-mentioned people. What I've achieved yesterday couldn't have been possible if you guys weren't there.


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