Issue with strings

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In this problem A : Free Ice Cream, upon taking the string inputs, why is the null string read in the first iteration? Below shows my accepted soln. (the soln I rather proposed in my mind was to run the loop from i=0 to i<n which throws errors.


using namespace std;

int main(){ long long int n,x; cin>>n>>x; long long int cnt=0, ans=x; for(int i=0;i<=n;i++){ string s; getline(cin,s); if(i==0) continue; auto temp = s.substr(2); long long int num = stoi(temp); if(s[0]=='+'){ ans+=num; } else{ if(ans>=num){ ans-=num; } else{ cnt++; } } } cout<<ans<<" "<<cnt<<endl; }


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