Problems of CSP(China) Sharing & Discussion

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Hello codeforces!

CSP-J/S(Certified Software Professional-Junior/Senior) of China ended. CSP-J/S (or you can say NOIp ,but it has been dead) was held by OI rules. In OI rules, every problem has the same score distribution $$$100$$$ points. In one problem, there is several testdatas (like $$$10$$$ ,$$$20$$$ or $$$25$$$). Every testdata has the same score distributions. Once you pass a testdata, you can get the score. You can submit your code during the contest, but can't see the result. The organizer will judge all the programs together after contest.

I'd like to share the problems of CSP-S here! Hope you guys enjoy. Don't mind my poor English, I spent a whole afternoon translating.

D1T1 code
D1T2 brackets
D1T3 tree
D2T1 meal
D2T2 partition
D2T3 centroid


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