Proposal: make contests partially rated for higher divisions

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Hi everyone,

many people are a bit disappointed because, for example, while the most difficult problems of Div. 3 contests are still interesting for Div. 2, Div. 3 contests are unrated for higher divisions. The same argument is valid for Div. 2 and Div. 4 contests.

An idea could be make contests rated for everyone, but that's not the best solution because, to reach a $$$\geq 1900$$$ rating, solving Div. 3 and Div. 4 problems very fast would be enough.

An improvement could be make contests partially rated for higher divisions, that is, the rating variation is multiplied by a $$$k$$$ factor ($$$0 \leq k \leq 1$$$) that depends on the target division of the contest and on the initial rating of the contestant (i. e. the relevance of that contest for that contestant). An example: there's a Div. 2 contest, then $$$k$$$ could be $$$1$$$ for a $$$1900$$$ rated contestant, $$$0.8$$$ for a $$$2100$$$ rated contestant, $$$0.5$$$ for a $$$2200$$$ rated contestant, etc.

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