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Hello CodeForces,
I'd like to propose a new (minor) feature. As we all know, we can set the visibility of tags for unsolved problems by going to problemset and then checking or unchecking the "Show tags for unsolved problems" checkbox.
When solving problems, if I don't have an idea of the solution, I sometimes may take a look at the tags to give me some hints. However, this can get pretty annoying. When I want to show problem tags, I then have to go to problemset, check the checkbox, and then reload the page. The only option to avoid this is to show problem tags for all problems, but this causes me to sometimes get a peek at the tags before I really need to.
As a solution, I propose that users are given the option of hiding/showing a problem's tags on the page of the problem. To be more exact, you can set the default visibility of tags on the problemset page. Then, when visiting a problem, the tags will be shown/hidden based on your default setting. You then can show/hide the tags through the problem page if you want to.

MikeMirzayanov would you please suggest adding this feature?
Any suggestions/improvements/ideas are welcome! Feel free to comment below.

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