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I've always liked using Python (PyPy) for solving problems in competitive programming. And most problems are very doable, even in Python. What I've found is that the most difficult problems to solve in Python are those requiring 64 bit integers.

The reason why 64 bit integers are problematic is because CF runs Windows, and PyPy only supports 32 bit on Windows. So whenever a problem involves integers that cannot fit inside of a signed 32 bit int, PyPy switches to big integers (which runs insanely slow, sometimes a factor of 20 times slower).

What I currently have to do to get around big integers

However with the latest PyPy version (version 7.3.4) PyPy has finally switched to 64 bit on Windows! So upgrading PyPy would mean no more problems with big integers. This would make PyPy far more usable and more beginner friendly. So if possible please update PyPy's version on CF to 7.3.4! MikeMirzayanov

Edit: Reading Results of 2020 [list some changes and improvements] blog I realized that I should probably be tagging geranazavr555, kuviman and cannor147 too.

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