Rejected problem appeared in Codeforces Round #753 (Div. 3). Was that a Coincidence?

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Hi everyone, One of the problems I submitted to Codechef appeared in Codeforces Round #753 (Div. 3). The problem I submitted was rejected in the month of April 2021. The problem doesn't even look like a variant of my idea. There may not be any common link (either the platform or the admin who approved/rejected the ideas) between these two problems. But somebody else coming with the exact same idea is not convincing. I am attaching the screenshots of both the problems. I don't even know whom to tag since I am new to this Community.

Use the Google Drive link in case the above SS is not clear.

Any thoughts on this are welcomed. I kinda feel betrayed.

@MikeMirzayanov any thoughts on this?

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