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Hello Codeforces!

Me and my friends CoderAnshu, XORring-Samurai and sujal10x from Competitive Programming Group, COPS IIT-BHU, attempted to make a video editorial for problems A to E of Educational Codeforces Round 106.

Here are the links:
Problem A — Domino on Windowsill
Problem B — Binary Removals
Problem C — Minimum Grid Path
Problem D — The Number of Pairs
Problem E — Chaotic Merge

We are a bunch of college students, who have been making Video editorials and doing Screencasts of recent contests. We also have a curated list of topic-wise concept videos, which has been divided into 3 sections, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can check them out in the Playlist Section.

Subscribe to the Youtube channel to stay tuned for the upcoming video editorials.

Happy Coding!

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