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By PinkieRabbit_buster, 7 weeks ago, In English

I am writing to report an incident of cheating by PinkieRabbit during the recent contest 1965 on Codeforces. PinkieRabbit asked help about problem D from others during the contest, which is definitely against the contest rules.

I have attached the evidence of the cheating behavior in the appendix, please read it. This evidence clearly shows the communications PinkieRabbit had with another person during the contest. It is a contest recording video published after contest by himself. As a former fan of PinkieRabbit, after seeing this video, I was shocked by how dishonest PinkieRabbit was. I believe such actions undermine the integrity of the competition and the platform as a whole. win114514 cheated by grouping up in contest 1905, finally punished by skipping. Therefore, I respectfully request that Codeforces take appropriate action against PinkieRabbit to maintain the fairness of the contests on Codeforces.

He only cheated in one problem this round, so I suggest make a mild punishment. I suggest make this round unrated for PinkieRabbit or skip only problem D (which is very appropriate as far as I am concerned, after which he can also get positive rating) as a consequence of this behavior. Wish this can remind him not to cheat again. This be beneficial to prevent such incidents in the future.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please let me know via Codeforces talk if you need any further information or clarification.

Appendix 1: video indicating cheating of PinkieRabbit
Appendix 2: The Key Part of conversation extracted from the video and its translation


  • Here is complete text of the video, feel free to translate it by AI. Note that it is not revised by human and for reference only.

  • Only in Chinese slang did “you're my dad” use to express thank and generally for fun.

  • “I remind you that this video is to be uploaded, with that section, wish it not be censored.” refers not to the cheat part but to an erotic joke about jiangly, I think it is irrelevant and not good to post it on Codeforces, so I didn't post it.

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