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Hi everyone! Hope you are doing fine.

The Iranian Summer Camp is designed to teach some 40 selected students the algorithms needed to perform well in the finals. The level of the finals is slightly easier than IOI. The top 8 from the finals are then selected to go through extensive training to get ready for IOI.

This is the first time that Iranian Summer Camp Finals is going to be open to the public. We are glad to announce that mirror of this year's contests will be held here on 10th October, 11th October and 12th October respectively, from 2 PM to 7 PM UTC.

You can contact us via in case of any issue.

Finally here I confess that I did nothing except writing this blog and I have to apologize the scientific committee for stealing their contribution!

We hope you find the contest interesting and enjoy the problems!

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Sick and tired of searching for good problems to solve?

So let me introduce Shaazzz Group!

We actually started 4 weeks ago and it was supposed to be for Iranian students who are preparing themselves for IOI. But codeforces is a great and public platform for every coder, so I thought it would be a good idea to tell everyone about this initiative.

You can enjoy our every day trainings from this Saturday (can wait? sorry!). Until then you can see our previous contests. Depending on how professional you are, you can participate in one of the contests (Beginner, Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Wait! There is still some cool news. We made a rating system for our contests! This is somehow different from typical ratings that you see in online judges. It is supposed to measure how ready your are. In other words the more you solve hard problems, the more your rate will increase (sounds simple right?). So solving a hard problems is better than solving many easy problems. another cool feature is that your rating will decrease if you become lazy (a great motivation)!

I hope you enjoy this. We all have to thank Mikaeel without whom this wouldn't have been possible.

UPD- This is our project in Github and this is the post in Shaazzz.

UPD- More information about each week's contests will be here.

UPD- Note that your role in the group should be participant not spectator, otherwise you can not take part in contests.

You will not see problems you solved before in a contest if you are active participant of that contest. Active participants of a contest (Let's say Contest #5 Silver) are users who accepted at least one problem among 3 last added problems to that contest.

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Hello every one... I need a data structure handling two type of queries. 1. Maximize(l,r,x) 2. Sum(l,r)

I have a O(sqrt(n)*log(n)) solution using sqrt decomposition + set.But I am looking for a better solution. Thanks in advance

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