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Tom66's blog

By Tom66, 19 months ago, In English

On our last round Polynomial Round 2022 (Div. 1 + Div. 2, Rated, Prizes!), there were many hacks. What do you think of hacks? Plz vote below.

  1. Hacks are a very important part of Codeforces Rounds.
  2. I often hack other people.
  3. I often become hacked or FST.
  4. I feel excited and satisfied when I hack someone successfully.
  5. I feel excited when I'm hacked.
  6. I feel worried when I'm hacked.
  7. I can find the reason why I'm hacked, and submit a correct one later.
  8. The number of hacks one made can show his/her ability of observation, debugging, and constructing.
  9. Hacks add random factor to standings because different rooms have different numbers of wrong submissions.
  10. Problemprovider should make strong pretests.
  11. Pretest shouldn't always contain all testcases i.e. pretest $$$\neq$$$ systemtest.
  12. I have hacked myself before.
  13. to be added...

Plz click the green triangle below so that I'll know how many hackers/defenders are voting:)

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