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Hello, Codeforces!

We are holding a mirror for the recent Romanian IIOT National Round.

IIOT (International Informatics Olympiads in Teams) is a team olympiad for teams of 4 highschool students organised in collaboration with Italy, Hungary and Syria.

Some details about the contest:

  • The mirror is taking place on Kilonova. Here is the contest link.
  • The mirror is USACO style, meaning that the mirror is open till 23:59PM March 12th (GMT+2 time), but you can choose any 3 hour window before then. You will have 6 problems of various difficulties. Based on the onsite results, we believe that some problems might be challenging even for some grandmasters.
  • The statements are written in English.
  • The supported languages are C, C++, Go and Python.
  • The Romanian writers and contributors for this year's rounds are: bicsi, loan, apostoldaniel854, popabogdannnn, stefdasca, MVB, vladsuper5555, proflaurian and Vlad-Mihai Bogdan.

Good luck!

Note: The Romanian National Round is separated from other countries national rounds.

Note2: You can find previous IIOT tasks on the platform. (all 2022-2023 rounds and some 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 rounds)

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