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Can someone please explain the solution to below problem from Codechef COOK35 :)


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Since IOI 2018 has just concluded successfully, I would like to use this occasion to call upon all the IOI 2018 participants to share their journey with us : how did they get started, what was the motivation, their ups and downs, their training, and what not!!! Really excited to hear from the winners especially, Benq, yml, whzzt, saba2000, gepardo, laofudasuan, WA_TLE, ekzhang, AomeII, never_giveup, Diuven, sqrtdecompton, zscoder, octopuses, E869120, imeimi, blackbori, xolm, voidmax, zdolna_kaczka, rxdoi, perchema, Anadi, reedef, danya.smelskiy, kobortor and mr.banana. Ofcourse, all other participants of this as well as previous editions are more than welcome. Hope the comments in this blog will serve as a beautiful inspiration to all future IOI aspirants in particular and CP enthusiasts in general :)

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