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Hello cf people (though this post is mostly directed towards Mike and other cf admins/developers)!

Div3 and Educational rounds have 12-hour hacking phase after the contest which I find cool, but here is one thing that made me question:

Once you get hacked : 245168582, in your submission you can see "Hacked" verdict on which you can even click to see details. However, it won't show you the test itself, which usually will leave you questioning what was wrong in your solution, without answer. For me it was always a common thought that I can't view the hacking test until the end of the phase.

However, to my surprise, by simply resubmitting the code I can see the whole test unhidden...

...which basically takes away any sense behind stopping me from seeing the hack test directly by clicking here.

So what I question now, what is the actual reason for this? =)

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