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The first edition of ICPC Asia Pacific Championship has just finished.

Congratulation to team NewTrend from Seoul National University who won the contest with 9 problems solved. Also congratulation to all the top teams who will qualify to The 2024 ICPC World Finals in Kazakhstan.

The full unfrozen result is available here. The task statements and analysis are available in the contest website. We will add more details on the page.

Thank you for all official and mirror contest participants for participating! We hope you enjoy solving the tasks. See you in the next event.

The rest of this post reflects my personal thoughts

This contest is one of the most challenging CP project I have ever taken, on par with hosting IOI 2022. Being the person most responsible on judging the contest, the very first edition of such contest, hosted in a country I have never been in before, is a big responsibility and definitely not easy.

On most contests I was involved before, most of my coordination is with people I am familiar with (e.g., for technical coordination, Ashar Fuadi is the person I most often coordinate with), using a language I am familiar with. In this contest, all of the committee members all over the region have been very hands-on and worked hard on this contest. While the coordination is more challenging, all of our different experiences and perspectives have brought many difficult but important discussions in the past weeks.

I am very thankful to the RCDs and Vietnamese organizers who trusted me with the role, as well as all the committee members around the region who have been very collaborative with me. I would like to share more, like how I was nominated to be involved in this contest in the first place, all the difficult discussions and decisions the committees and I had to take, etc.

I loved the experience of becoming a chief judge of this contest so much that I am planning to make a video covering more once I am back in Singapore. Hopefully it will happen :) For now, I will take some rest and enjoy the excursion tomorrow.

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Updated to include the test data files :)

Of course, you can also solve the tasks in the mirror contest.