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TL;DR: You can download a new simplified version of CF tool with C++20 support for CP editor here

Hello CP Editor users!

Since I use CF tool only as CP Editor extension, I've decided to create a simplified working version of CF tool. So...

Introducing a new simplified CF tool crafted especially for CP Editor!

Supports contests, gym and problemset (except acmsguru).

Major changes

  • Removed most of the features which are already supported by CP editor like templates, colors, etc.
  • Removed most of the CLI commands which are not used by CP editor.
  • Removed most of the external dependencies.
  • Removed all programming languages support.
  • Added C++20 support.
  • Reduced binary size.
  • Simplified setup.
  • Improved submit messages.
  • Problem "0" is interpreted as problem "A" during a contest.



Suggestions are welcome!

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Does it work when submitting problems on groups/private mashups?