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By AkshajK, history, 6 weeks ago, In English

Hey! Wanted to bring to you all the first MathDash Olympiad Contest!

The time limit is 4.5 hoursyou can take it at anytime here.

There are $$$8$$$ problems, meant to start at a level approachable to contestants at all math abilities, and end at a typical Olympiad level — with the last three problems meant to match the difficulty of the International Math Olympiad.

The question point values are $$$500, 1000, 1500, \cdots, 4000$$$. If your proof for problem 8 scores a $$$6$$$ out of $$$7$$$, you will receive $$$\text{round}(4000 \cdot \frac67) = 3429$$$ points. Ties are broken by time of last submission. You are allowed to submit as many times as you wish.

Note: Your submission's score is only finalized once a number shows up in your entry on the scoreboard — with no number, it is considered pending

We ask that you do not discuss this contest except in the Discussion chat room and forum that will be made available to you after the contest.

Think of this as a CodeForces Global Round — but for Math :)

We hope you enjoy the problems!

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While starting the contest, it is stated that the round is rated. Does that mean that the round will affect our ratings on codeforces?

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    Nope, it will affect your rating on MathDash!

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holy cow this contest is really high quality. can we have more combo problems? number 8 combo was kind of hard