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okwedook's blog

By okwedook, 5 weeks ago, In English

I’ve been really excited to try my skills in some harder marathon type problems as of late
Some of the competitions, where you could find such problems are:

TopCoder has hosted over 150 MM’s over the past 18 years, which is simply incredible. Hats off!
Unfortunately, after some research I’ve found out, that all accounts from Russia and Belarus got banned
Now it’s not only impossible to participate in current competitions, but even view the archive
I’m not here to judge TopCoder decisions, but to ask for help

Is there any known open source archive of Marathon Matches with statements, examples, visualizers and other stuff?
Maybe someone from Codeforces community might help and publish it, if it doesn’t break any of TopCoder rules?

I’ll gladly help with automations needed to gather data, but I don’t have the full access to the TopCoder website
If you know any other source of such problems, please share in the comments

Maybe dimkadimon has something to say

Let’s hope, that peace breaks out and we all return back to normal :mending_heart:

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