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I posted a blog, 3 months ago ( this one ),

Still many are facing the same issue as more and more M1 users increases. And I am still getting many doubts in messages.

No proper tutorial is available anywhere, StackOverflow, youtube, etc.

I request someone who can explain the whole process accurately, and if a youtuber wants to make a demo video for that. Thanks in advance!!!

P.S: Some solutions are there in the comments of the above blog.

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why you want to use gcc instead of clang, in the first place? All my submissions are compiled locally with clang, no issues at all.

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Hey, After doing some searching, I found this screenshot of the stackoverflow post that I used. I don't know if it will work for you, but it did for me(M1 chip mac bigsur): If the image doesn't work, the link is: Hope this helps :)