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evmenoff's blog

By evmenoff, history, 15 months ago, In English

Hello CF.

Some time ago i've started trying to actively improve my performance at cf constests. Being highly impressed by galen_colin's youtube content (, i've developed a routine, which i consistently followed for 2 months.

Routine itself looks like this:

  • Take a problem, for me, i usually take C-D in Div. 2 or D-E-F... in Div. 3

  • Take time each day to try and come up with the solution. For me, it's exactly 35 mins in the morning, and 30-40 minutes across the day on work days and around 2 hours each day on the weekends.

  • Repeat

It usually takes me 1-2 days to solve a task. I do not look up a solution, until i am bored with the task.

The problem is i feel noticable improvments in my "brain power", and the progression confirms the improvment, e.g started with not solving C's in Div.2 to occasionaly solving D's. But somehow my actual performance in rounds even decreases:(

Maybe the rounds became harder? Or maybe i have to participate more often in rounds? Or maybe it's absolutely OK, like when you perform worse in sport competiotion, than in training?

P.S I'd really appreciate, if this post and it's comments would help at least someone to improve. :3

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