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I am not saying it, many experts are:

While some against it are saying:

Arguments against:

  • AI's role: While AI tools capable of generating code are emerging, they currently lack the creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of human programmers. AI can automate routine tasks, but complex projects still require human expertise.
  • Demand for programmers: The demand for programmers is projected to grow in the coming years, driven by factors like digitalization, automation, and the expanding tech industry.
  • Evolution of programming: The nature of programming will likely evolve with AI assistance. Programmers might shift to higher-level design and oversight roles, while AI handles coding specifics.

Potential Scenarios:

  • Increased AI collaboration: Programmers may work alongside AI tools to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Specialized programmers: Demand for programmers with expertise in areas like AI integration, cybersecurity, and complex algorithms might increase.
  • Democratization of programming: AI-powered tools could make coding more accessible, leading to a broader pool of individuals contributing to software development.

I stay neutral and open it up for discussions.

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A Competitive Programming assistant using ChatGPT. To use you just have to be logging into on some tab. It uses GPT3.5 by default(ie whatever is served via web), if you have API key for GPT4 you can try that too.

For Chrome:

For Edge:

ChatGPT is not that great at competitive coding yet. The intension of the extension is not to solve it entirely on your behalf but to generate tips and references which might help you to learn those topics quicker and then focus your time on those stuff which AI can't.

Disclaimer: This was built for educational purpose. Please do not use this for live contests. It is primarily meant for speeding up the learning process. We hold no responsibility if your account gets banned for using it in a live contest.

Since there are controversies around the philosophy behind building such tool I should give some clarification. To me CP is a vehicle to learn algorithms and not accumulate points and ratings on various sites which is why my focus is to learn existing algorithms as fast as possible so that I can use them to build more superior algorithms which the world have not seen yet. Even though I don't participate in CP but I do use this plugin to speedup my learnings.

Platforms supported:

  • SPOJ,
  • Projecteuler,
  • Codeforces,
  • POJ,
  • Atcoder,
  • Hackerrank,
  • HackerEarth,
  • Kattis,
  • DMOJ,
  • Timus,
  • Eolymp,
  • Topcoder,
  • LightOJ,
  • Toph,
  • CSES
  • Pramp
  • Interviewbit
  • Codechef

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We assure that the contest will be up to the mark.
We have experienced problem setters and testers from all over the world who are working
day in, day out to improve their problems.We assure you won't be disappointed.
So make sure that you register.

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Date: Feb 27,2011

Time:15:00(IST) to 24:00(IST)

You can check when the contest begins in your time zone here:

           Institute of Engineering and Management presents a 9-hour International online programming contest having intense algorithmic challenges.

           The contest is open to all

           It is an individual event i.e. each team comprises of one member only

           Register at:

           Compete at:

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