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By kevaljain, 12 months ago, In English

Something very weird happened in today's Div3 for me. When I initially went to submit my solution to B, I was redirected to the "Human Verfication" page, which crashed, I reloaded the page but my submission was not visible under "My submissions". So I submitted the same solution a second time, and was again redirected, but this time I was verified, and after being redirected back to Codeforces, I could see my code, AC at the 10 minute mark.

However I later noticed that, another code was submitted under my account to the same problem. This isn't my code, I did not write it. It has a different template and (much better) indentation.

I have never shared my CF password to anyone, they have always been secure, but I have still changed the password of my account before writing this blog.

However I think it might be a case of error from the CF servers where they mismatched the authors of the codes, especially during the chaos of the redirections before codes are submitted. Could this be possible? (if this is the case, then the person who wrote the second code would have submitted his code once more to his own account). Could my initial submission of B, have gone to another account too?

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