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I am unfortunately having some issues with the CHelper plugin. I downloaded it and got it to work completely. I then wrote my own Reader class to use as its input class, after which it still worked. However, after I closed IDEA and reopened it, it has completely stopped working. I can still add new problems and parse them from online, and the tests show up, but when I run the program, absolutely nothing happens. I also got this IDE error, but I don't know if it's related to my issue, because I got the same IDE error when CHelper was working for me.

java.lang.Throwable: AWT events are not allowed inside write action: java.awt.event.InvocationEvent[INVOCATION_DEFAULT,runnable=javax.swing.Timer$DoPostEvent@4057960b,notifier=null,catchExceptions=false,when=1578874736618] on sun.awt.windows.WToolkit@4a2f786

Has anyone had the same issue, and does anyone know how to resolve it? I would really appreciate any help or guidance on this.


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