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Hi Codeforces!

It seems like (possibly) TopCoder SRM admins are busy with preparing online qualifier of "ltaravilse Cup" which will be held tomorrow, there was no announcement written by TopCoder SRM admins. Therefore...

I will announce that TopCoder SRM 761 will be held today! Here are some informations.

  • Start Time: 11:00 AM UTC-4
  • Duration: 75-minute Coding Phase + 5-minute Intermission Phase + 15-minute Challenge Phase + Systest!
  • Number of Problems: 3
  • Writer: I don't know the exact writer, but I guess it's misof :)

As usual, this match is rated (I hope). And I am looking forward to this match.

Don't forget that registeration phase will end 5 minutes before the contest! I hope that many of you will participate, as well as that we can solve many interesting problems.

If you have any question/discussion about contest, please write in comments :P

Useful Link: How to Compete in SRMs

UPD: Congratulations to Petr for winning Div.1 and farmerboy to win Div.2!

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By square1001, 7 years ago, In English

Topcoder Open 2017 Wildcard Round and Fun SRM will start in 5.5 hours!


  • If you're not qualified the Regional Rounds, you can only participate in Fun SRM.
  • You can compete with login in topcoder and go to https://arena.topcoder.com .
  • The registeration phase starts at 16:00 MSK. Pay attention that registeration phase ends in 5 minutes.
  • The contest starts at 19:00 MSK (thanks flashmt).
  • The both contests are rated.
  • The difficulty of the contest is likely to be Div 1.5 (or maybe higher but also maybe not) of normal SRM.
  • Topcoder doesn't reveal who the writer is, but this is Wildcard Round, so probably the writer is some red coder(s).

Sadly, it collides with RCC online mirror, but you can choose which contest you will participate.
Good luck and have fun, and also let's discuss after the contest!

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By square1001, 7 years ago, In English

Since there was no blog post, so I wrote it.

The contest starts in 12 minutes.

The registeration of Fun SRM ends in 7 minutes, so you can go to https://arena.topcoder.com and register it.

Good luck and have fun and let's discuss after the contest!

UPD: Congratulations for winners!

Warsaw Regional Fun SRM
tomekkulczynski 1333.96 pts sigma425 1492.01 pts
Pol-BoBaN 1239.69 pts ksun48 1293.74 pts
Marcin_smu 1234.28 pts snuke 1249.58 pts
monsoon 1206.17 pts sugim48 1193.94 pts
fbudrowski 1131.36 pts anta 1189.33 pts

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