Moldova IOI Team Selections — anime team selection part 2.

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Today finished the 3rd day of team selections in Moldova.

Now I can introduce to you the Moldova IOI 2022 Team:

MDA1: SlavicG (11th Grade — 1 attempt more)

MDA2: KrowSavcik (11th Grade — 1 attempt more)

MDA3: FLEA (12th Grade — last attempt)

MDA4: _Vanilla_ (10th Grade — 2 attempts more)

edit: someone asked for grades (attempts left). Here they are

I sincerely congratulate each one of them and wish those who didn't pass it to present Moldova at next year IOI 2023.

Moldova IOI Team:

I would like to thank FLEA for RedFlea trick which helped me earn 60 more points

More photos from Team Selection:

Following tendency of previous post, vibing with SlavicG:

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