Is is useful to include codeforces rating in CV when looking for jobs?

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Currently I have already got a PhD in physics, but I would like to find a job in computer science (like data scientist or SDE) instead of postdoc. However, my disadvantage is that I have no internship and programs to write. (My school forbid us to take internship that are not relevant to our study)

My advantage is that I have some "good" competitive programming results, like entering 2022 Google Code Jam round 3, Google Kick Start top 100 for three times.

I would like to include my codeforces rating in my CV, but many friends of me said to me:"no recruiter know codeforces." So I would like to ask everyone, does anyone has ever included codeforces in CV and what consequences?

Another question is that, if you write codeforces(or actcoder, leetcode...) results in CV, what rating do you write, like maximum rating or current rating? Thank you.


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