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Born of a Legend by an Accident [Repost]

Revision en1, by tolbi, 2023-05-29 00:57:37

$$$\ $$$ Have you ever wondered what it takes to beat the best of your country? Is it practicing every day? Is it maintaining a very consistent schedule? Is it learning the most obscure data structures? It turns out its none of these!

$$$\ $$$ Let me tell you a story of how an expert became the best of whole Turkey, during the informatics preparation Turkish camp, I (qwexd), ahmet23, tolbi, AhmetKaan and his little brother nicecoder37 decided to go to the pool. We were having a great time and suddenly ahmet23 had the brilliant idea to do a backflip in the pool, and since as for most competitive programmers sports isn't their strength he hit his head and blood began bursting out of everywhere. (Sadly, all pool activities got banned for campers because of what happened.)

$$$\ $$$ After that, he went to the hospital and got stitches on his head. According to tomography, there was nothing wrong with his brain. But that wasn't exactly like that...

$$$\ $$$ Let's look at some photos of the event and analyze his performance before and after the accident.

His performance 1 day before the accident:
His performance 2 days after the accident:

$$$\ $$$ Well, some people may think it was just a lucky contest, but it doesn't end here... During the day, he kept solving every problem he faced with no effort. He even gave lessons to other students leaving everybody in confusion about how his mind works. He discussed some problems with mentors of summer camp, some of whom were IOI medalists, and explained to them the solution to many problems during lessons. One of these problems was 3500, but he mind solved and explained this problem as an expert.

$$$\ $$$ Maybe it was just an exceptionally lucky day, but we don't think he is the same guy as before. We are expecting a peak of the Turkey IOI Team in 2023 if he doesn't hit his head again.

Original post written by qwexd on September 15, 2022.


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