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Hi there!

While we're waiting for the formal invitations to the ICPC World Final 2023, let's start the new post for the incoming competition, keeping the same idea of the previous blog

As many of you already know, next WF will be something like a two-in-one competition, without knowing the actual format yet.

I think it would be good to make two differents post, one per WF, because otherwise it would probably be a very long post.

Anyway, let the people decide :) (I don't know if this poll works)

Two posts:
The same post:

At least for now, we'll fill this post with teams of THE FIRST WF in Egypt, assuming that those are the qualified from Regionals 2021/2022. (Trying to be more specific: the teams that qualified in the Regional held after the one that qualified to Dhaka)

Please add a comment with your team information and I will add it to the post.

Info preferred: {Handles on CF (otherwise, real name), Region, Country, University}

If you see some mistake on the teams, any kind of correction would be appreciated

Top 15 Over-All

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1USASwarthmore CollegeGeothermalnitrousoxidesilxi3083.7151
2ChinaNanjing University-skyline-uuzlovetreeremoon2773.7860
3South KoreaSoongsil UniversitySavior-of-CrossJooDdaeedenooo2761.8729
4[NWERC]University of CambridgeTutiszdolna_kaczkaGediminas2714.2171
5VietnamUniversity of Engineering and Technology — VNUatoizngfamJarjit_sigh2704.5658
6CanadaUniversity of WaterlooChrisTpwypeanutmariand2678.8185
7IndiaIIT(BHU) VaranasiCoderAnshurivalqdemoralizer2674.7326
8USARutgers Universityjdurieakifpatelki0apa2589.3129
9VietnamUniversity of Science, VNU-HCMYurushiavinfathieplpvip2584.7892
10KazakhstanInternational IT Universitylebowski998PazioRailgun2580.3480
11BangladeshUniversity of DhakaAlpha_Qserotoninaymanrasheed72569.6648
13ArmeniaYerevan SUzidder_LeMur_altunyanv2548.0633
14IndiaIIT MadrasKira_1234KDVinitSaiAryan2543.6277
15IndiaIIT (ISM) Dhanbadyash_dagaJaySharma1048576abhidot2540.1573


Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1[NWERC]University of CambridgeTutiszdolna_kaczkaGediminas2714.2171

Middle East

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1EgyptThe German University in CairoYahiaSherifZerooCoolHemose2362.7845
2EgyptFCIS Ain ShamsIsaacMorisMostafa_ELbadawyislammohsen2334.4958
3SyriaAl-Baath UniversityBabaVossVectors_MasterMohanad_Nahhal2308.5559
4EgyptAssiut UniversityAhmedEzzatGkaremoAhmed-Yasser2231.5778
5LebanonAmerican University of BeirutCharbelChaosAngel0-jij-02194.0854
6EgyptAzhar UniversitymaghrabyJr_AhmadEbtihalAhmad-Magdy2083.6986

Asia East

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1ChinaNanjing University-skyline-uuzlovetreeremoon2773.7860

Asia Pacific

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1South KoreaSoongsil UniversitySavior-of-CrossJooDdaeedenooo2761.8729
2VietnamUniversity of Engineering and Technology — VNUatoizngfamJarjit_sigh2704.5658
3VietnamUniversity of Science, VNU-HCMYurushiavinfathieplpvip2584.7892
4VietnamInternational University — VNU-HCMneko_nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYinLinSpiritGoFarAwayWithAlcoh2416.3011

Asia West

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1IndiaIIT(BHU) VaranasiCoderAnshurivalqdemoralizer2674.7326
2BangladeshUniversity of DhakaAlpha_Qserotoninaymanrasheed72569.6648
4IndiaIIT MadrasKira_1234KDVinitSaiAryan2543.6277
5IndiaIIT (ISM) Dhanbadyash_dagaJaySharma1048576abhidot2540.1573
6IndiaIIT Roorkeednshgyl21_Enigma___deactivated_2505.0077
7IndiaIIT Bhubaneswarsg0071729ARPlTARegularCoder2417.9779
9IndiaNIT Trichygupta_nitinrishabnahar2025ritik_m2327.4967
10IndiaIIIT Hyderabadamul_agrawaladitya.vermaarjo2326.0196
11IndiaBITS Pilani — Pilani CampusbrobatLainAdiAnand2322.8852

Latin America

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
4ArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de Córdoba — FaMAFMateoCVCarusoXhelcsnewsxd2364.0418
5VenezuelaUniversidad Simón BolívarCrazyDiamondjesuswrAngelVzla992317.9212
6ArgentinaUniversidad Tecnológica Nacional — FRSFlsantireFedeNQJPrime2245.0537

North America

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1USASwarthmore CollegeGeothermalnitrousoxidesilxi3083.7151
2CanadaUniversity of WaterlooChrisTpwypeanutmariand2678.8185
3USARutgers Universityjdurieakifpatelki0apa2589.3129
4CanadaUniversity of AlbertaIanDeHaanJohnson_WuC3H5N3O92310.5584

Northern Eurasia

Rank Country/RegionUniversity Member1 Member2 Member3 Rating
1KazakhstanInternational IT Universitylebowski998PazioRailgun2580.3480
2ArmeniaYerevan SUzidder_LeMur_altunyanv2548.0633
3RussiaUral FUFriskareshkeArtyomTsepov2413.4808

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