Codeforces Round 896 — screencast and editorial

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Dear friends,

Today I tried an experimental format: separate videos. So, today I participated in Codeforces Round 896 (Div. 1) and recorded a screencast, but, unlike the previous times, I did not immediately record the editorials. Instead several videos are dedicated to them. So here are the links:

UPD: I recorded the upsolving of 1869F - Flower-like Pseudotree (see the link above). I guess my explanation was quite fine, but in one case I incorrectly calculated the preconditions, which resulted in WA (223630659) and, subsequently, a huge mess and pain. It is still quite educational stuff though: the first half of the video is just a normal editorial (but, alas, with a technical mistake which should't screw the flow of the problem though), and the second one can teach you how to seek for bugs in problems like this one (with a big number of cases).

Also keep noted that for now the video is low-resolution. It will fix itself in half an hour or so. UPDUPD: the high resolution version has been processed and is available on YouTube.


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