Replay of Ostad Presents Intra KUET Programming Contest 2023
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অদ্ভুত coders of Codeforces!!! _(অদ্ভুত is a commonly used word in KUET meaning amazing)_↵

We are thrilled to invite you to to participate in [Replay of Ostad Presents Intra KUET Programming Contest 2023]( which will be held on [Tuesday, October 10,2023 at 19:00 (UTC+6)](↵

You will have **5 hours** to solve **13 problems**. It is a beginner friendly contest. Teams preferred.↵

Thanks to the setters and testers of the contest: [user:Mohaimin66,2023-10-06], [user:RUDRA_DAS,2023-10-06], [user:Likhon5,2023-10-06], [user:AngryBaymax,2023-10-06], [user:BrehamPie,2023-10-06], [user:Arnob,2023-10-06], [user:MinhazIbnMizan,2023-10-06], [user:slaking,2023-10-06], [user:Parvej,2023-10-06], [user:Noctambulant,2023-10-06], [user:Sabbir1807070,2023-10-06], [user:ShorifulSoumic,2023-10-06], [user:NM_Mehedy,2023-10-06], [user:Emon72,2023-10-06], [user:Creeping_Death_,2023-10-06], [user:brute__force__,2023-10-06], [user:bijoy__13,2023-10-06], [user:rafi,2023-10-06], [user:UmSuperNoob,2023-10-06].↵

We hope you will enjoy the problemset.


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